Mahoney Wedding

I love love stories. And I love Jonathan and Denise's love story. They were friends for seven years before they started dating. That's seven year's worth of laughter, memories, and stories. In those seven years of friendship was awkward adolescence, painful growing up, and beautiful maturity. And now as adults, they are madly and beautifully in love. They joked with each other, cracking each other up and giving each other high fives, goofing around like the old friends they were. But there was also incredible tenderness and fierce love in both of their eyes as they read their vows aloud. There was much cheering, and laughing, weeping and dancing. It was something special indeed.

And it was such a privilege to capture that intimacy, to get to be a part of their celebration as they moved beyond the seven years of friendship into a lifetime together. I love these two and am now blessed to call them friends!

Cheers to the Mahoneys!