Jono & Denise

The older I get, the more I realize how right my mom was when she said time is the one thing money can't buy. It just seems like yesterday that we were shooting Jono & Denise's wedding. And now here we are over a year later, shooting their family pictures with baby Sadie. How is it that the seasons are changing already? This past year has come and gone. It is incredible to grow with your friends, maturing with them as we all transition into different phases of adulthood. I wonder if it will ever feel like we have "arrived" or we will always look back and realize that another season has passed. But community gives you context as well as support, so you can look around and realize you are not alone; and photographs help you realize that though you are in the midst of it, the thick and thin of it, this time is beautiful and delicate and temporal. Take a minute today to hold someone you love and tell them you love them. And thank your mom for loving you, even when you definitely didn’t deserve it. I guess I’m feeling sentimental or homesick today, but I am really thankful to have family and good friends! We love the Mahoney’s!