Blake & Shalana

Jon and I have been married for almost 2 years now. And my, have these past 24 months flown by! And though we really haven't been married very long, I love getting the opportunity to hang out with brand new lovebirds. I appreciate all the more our first year of marriage, and our very first married memories. Life tends to go faster than we know and we often end up further down the road before we have a chance to realize how beautiful the mundane, the right now is. I think back fondly of our very first apartment together, tiny and without central AC (in Kansas City!), going out to a farm to adopt our Brittany pup, Nixon; and eating a lot of pasta because I was in school and he was only working part time and money was non-existent. I love carbs and dinner with my husband, so it worked out! I love that every love story has a beginning, unique and wonderful to each couple. I was privileged to spend the afternoon with Blake & Shalana walking around Kansas City, visiting some of their favorite spots, listening to them reminisce about their first date, first kiss, first fight; and to capture the beautiful excitement of their upcoming wedding, the nervousness a few weeks before the beginning of a lifetime together. I am so excited to see them again on their wedding day, to capture their first steps into marriage. I love these guys, and I had a blast. To Blake & Shalana!