I’m terrible at blogging promptly and diligently. Regardless, here I am, with a blog post about that one time we spent New Year’s in Hawaii shooting a wedding on the Eastern shore of Oahu. It seems like ages ago now, almost surreal, especially when it is pouring snow outside here in the Midwest. But it was real and it was magical. They got married with only their family and best of friends surrounding them on a secluded corner of an island with towering mountains behind them. They said vows, kissed, and danced away as the sun was setting over the ocean. They lit paper lanterns and let them drift away into the night sky once the sun went down. And they were sent away as Mr. and Mrs. Biswell amidst a shower of love and affection after a long night of dancing, smoking, eating, laughing and drinking. It was intimate and boisterous, loving and raucous, chaotic and perfect. But it wasn’t just the beauty that made this wedding special. It was their love story, their flawed and forgiving story of redemption being celebrated. It was their wedding, the beginning of a life-long love. Their decision to choose the other person day after day, even when it is hard. And we love that we got to be there at the start of the marriage, telling their story. We love Michael and Colsie. Cheers to the Biswell’s!