We recently had Dane and Missy over for dinner, and the neighborhood kids won't stop talking about them. How pretty Missy is and how cool Dane seems. That's just how these two are. They love on everyone wherever they go. Dane is artistic, full of ideas and whimsy, always ready for an adventure, goofy and still very grown up in the best kind of way. Missy is warm and vibrant, beautiful, bohemian and full of ancient wisdom. They love each other without hesitation through growth, change, and transition. They fight for one another, trusting that the other has their good in mind. They love others together generously, eager to scoop up a stray or feed someone who is hungry. They desire to speak truth and life into people's lives and joy follows them wherever they go. And they are rich with a community of people who encourage the good in them, and who champion their relationship. We were welcomed with open arms as praise of Dane and Missy poured out from every mouth we passed. I can't believe this is what we get to do; we get to come and sit at the tables of these amazing people who let us tell their story and invite us to celebrate with them. We love Dane and Missy.

Cheers to the Anderson's!