It's pouring rain out and the dogs are huddled on the couch terrified of the thunder. I'm thoroughly enjoying the quiet and the way the city's buzz is dampened to a murmur under the wet blanket. Summer thunderstorms will always remind me of the summer I fell in love circa 2010. Time and place makes a big impact on the history of things. Our love grew under shooting stars and late night talks and long bike rides. It was a summer friendship that kinda got weird and then beautiful. If we had met sooner or later, who knows what would have been. Love is crazy like that. And because of that, each romance we document is truly something unique and worth celebrating. Yay! You found each other! 

And I have been dying to post these, and I'm so excited to finally share them with you guys. Not only because we glamped around a firepit under the rotating Milky Way or because we were surrounded by mountains, lake and resident moose, but because Matt and Amanda freaking love each other so much. When she is overwhelmed, he belts out a tuneless song to make her laugh. When he is focused on feeding a hundred people, she remembers to give personal attention to everyone he invited. Matt absolutely dotes on her and Amanda thinks Matt is the bee's knees. 

Before they ever met, they both traveled the world, found their own adventures and grew up to be really awesome grownups. Then they started teaching math at the same school at the same time. And because of that they were put into a training group together. And they soon had heart eye emojis for each other and now a few years later Marriage, happily ever after forever and ever. Man, love is such a wild and wonderful adventure. And their wedding was an adventure full of mountains, laughter, tears, kissing, and canoes. Thank you for letting us tell your beautiful and honest story.

We love these guys.

Cheers to the Lapaires!

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