It's been a while right? Tis the season for spooky ghoul and spider decorations already. And in the next few weeks it will be Thanksgiving and then boom! Christmas. Oddly enough, Denver's been so warm it doesn't feel at all like we are coming into November. I chucked on my giant blanket scarf from Asos anyways despite the warm weather. Regardless, the season is flying by. Jon's school is in full swing, and I am running around always with a hundred things on my plate. But wrapping up this wedding was probably one of my favorite things from this season. We adore Josiah and Becca. They are both creative and sweet and funny. Josiah is a writer who just dotes on Becca, and Becca has a huge servant heart who loves and cherishes Josiah's gentleness. And it has been such a gift to be a part of their wedding day, documenting their laughter, tears, hugs, and vows as their community came around them to celebrate their love story.

We love these guys, Cheers to the Cox's!



These past few weeks have been so crazy. We moved and started a whole new chapter of our lives in Denver. Surrounded by boxes and takeout food, I've been working on these in a small corner of our little apartment absolutely in love and reliving this magical day. Haylie and Cole are beautiful people who share a real and honest love. They are amazing because they love with so much space for the other person to be themself. They are smitten with who the other person is and stoked about who they are growing into. They love each other well and when they asked us to photograph their wedding, we jumped for joy and celebrated with hugs and food. And it was such a privilege to walk with them on this day, documenting their tears, laughter, hugs and promises of forever with the huge blessing of their family. What a day, starting at a local KC breakfast place and then a visit to the barber shop for the boys and coffee and makeup at home for the girls. We drove around in the car Cole's parents had their first date in and ate donuts catered by Doughnut Lounge. We ran around Kansas City and photographed these two lovebirds just being themselves.

We love these guys so much. Cheers to the Blaises!