THE 639

We shoot a lot of weddings, and tell a lot of love stories. I love love and marriage and kissing and romance. And we celebrate with every couple because marriage is worth celebrating. But personally, I might love the friendship in my marriage even more than the romance. And everyone is so flipping different, and that's awesome! But for me, it's like the friendship is why the romance can exist. And I am passionate about being known and knowing deeply. And I think that is what a great friendship does. 

And I think that endeavor, to be known and know deeply, to be a good friend, is also something to be celebrated. And these four women; Rachel, Holly, Lauren, and Lindie are prime examples. They are amazing. They strive to be known though it requires great humility and strength. They strive to know deeply though it requires selflessness, the ability to listen, and have compassion.  And because they are multi-faceted real human women, they also have flaws and insecurities. But they are hella funny. They love fiercely. They have dreams and hopes they work hard towards. And they are so very loving.

Rachel is an Operations Coordinator at the Kauffman Charter School AND a senior at UMKC. She is killing it, though sometimes it tries to kill her. Holly is a teaching assistant for a school district and AMAZING cook and also blogs. You can glean from her WISDOM HERE. Lauren is a freaking angel nurse at a Children's hospital, curing and comforting sick babies all day long. And Lindie is a KC based photographer on a beautiful windy journey she will be real with you about in a heartbeat. She also slayed us with her BA dance moves Drake could take a few lessons from. 

Thank you to Unbakery for allowing us to meet, shoot, laugh, and dance in your beautiful space. If you haven't been, GO. Juice, Coffee, and Snacks in a gorgeous space.



Jon Farmer is my Favorite! If you have spent any time with us, you have heard me say that before. He's my best friend as well as my handsome crush. *Sidenote, crush reminds me of high school, when you could send a Crush Soda to your "crush" on Valentine's Day. Did anyone else's school do that? Or was that just a cheesy small high school thing? Anyways, getting back to Jon Farmer being my Favorite. Summers are so much fun not only because wedding season is in full swing, and the days are long, and the nights all chirpy from crickets and sparkly from fireflies, but because we get to spend so much time together, and travel, and go on long road trips; one of our favorite things to do. During the school year, life can be pretty busy for us. But glorious summer is a respite from the schedules. It is still busy, even busier than normal life but better because we get to go on adventures, to beautiful places, all over the place. This summer we went to the Great Sand Dunes, Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, and Antelope Canyon. And it was magical.

Thank you for hiring us to tell your story, and for giving us the opportunity to go to such beautiful places. We love you guys!

Cheers from the Farmers!