These two lovebirds are incredible. They've known each other for over ten years, but like all good things, their love took time. Cole was the cool older kid Haylie had a crush on in school. Haylie was a lowerclassman Cole didn't give much thought to. And then a few years went by. Cole graduated from college; Haylie was working full time. From teenagers to adults, time had given them space to grow up and write their own stories, become their own people. And they fell in love. Hard. They are each other's biggest fan and best friend. They are goofy and full of laughter. They are as different as night and day. They are patient with each other and endeavor to celebrate the other person for who they are. They fight and make up, ask forgiveness and love even better afterwards. They are wonderfully human and very much in love. We asked them if we could go on an adventure, and we were thrilled when they said they were all in. So we spent a whole Saturday gallivanting around Kansas City. What a day it was! We are so excited to be invited on this celebration with them. And we cannot wait to photograph their wedding.